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3-Day Solvang, San Francisco and Yosemite Tour from Los Angeles From $125

10-Day Tour to Grand Canyon South, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite, Three Theme Parks from Los Angeles From $848

Weekend Trip - Hearst Castle/Solvang

For those looking to venture out a bit further, the famous Hearst Castle is about 3-4 hours away depending on where in OC you are traveling from. Along the way are a few other nice places to visit and enjoy.


Solvang is a lovely, small Danish town. Paula's Pancakes serves delicately large and thin pancakes; they were delicious! Many of the shops look alike, although window-browsing and experimenting with your taste buds at the bakeries is a must.

Affordable Hotels to Stay At:
Best Western King Frederik Motel
Holiday Inn Express Solvang, CA
Wine Valley Inn, Solvang,CA
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For more about Solvang, visit the following Solvang travel site.

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Cambria is a tiny town full of hospitable family businesses. Burton's Inn offers the comfy feel of home with it's large suites and complimentary breakfast; alongside the fresh cut fruit trays, breads, and waffles, was the owner making oatmeal and conversing with the guests! They certainly know how to make you feel at home and to let guests enjoy their private time as needed.

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is a historic town with the hip fashions of today sharing the same blocks with the San Luis Obispo mission and the architectural grandeur of City Hall. It welcomes all kinds of shoppers whether you love buying from Ross, Gap, or a non-chain store. The food places are usual and cover a wide-range of choices, although there is a bread bakery and chocolates galore.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is lavish in its wealth and time it took to build this castle on a hill! You're carried away (in a bus) to meet one man's dream that started at childhood. This boy was raised in high society and decided to share his vision of traveling with us all. What's admirable is that even though he was brought into a world of wealth and luxury, he was a work-a-holic, too. The two pools are glorious in detail and one only wishes that you could linger longer on your own. It's also quite funny that the floor beeps every time you "forget" to stay in the designated carpet area.