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Outdoor Orange County

Orange County is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

Aliso & Woods Canyons Park

Mountain biking and hiking are very popular at Aliso Viejo's top of the world mountain. Once you get to the top, you see the beautiful Pacific Ocean sparkling in the sunshine.

Aliso and Woods is a very accessible all-around park for beginners to advanced mountain bike riders that are all of moderate length. The trail is very popular and located right in Aliso Viejo. The trails are pretty short since they are surrounded by housing. This trail is very popular with beginners and novice riders with most of the climbs being short. There are a few steep climbs such as Mathis, Rock-It and Lynx.

The park is accessible by parking at the main entrance or you can park by the exit and head in from there while parking near the park for free.

Newport Bay Mudflat Area

The Newport Bay Mudflat area is one of the last estuaries in Southern California. The place has over 200 types of birds. The distance is only about 1.65 miles and can be done in about a hour.

The trail starts close to Santiago and Constellation St. Traveling from the 405 south, take the 73 south and get off on Irvine Blvd. Keep going straight until you get to Santiago and make a left. Make another left on Constellation St.